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So we had a lovely fall like weekend on Long Island. On Saturday my husband decided he wanted to go into town to get a haircut. I thought I’d go browse around while he had his appointment. The fresh air would do me some good since I slept not one wink Friday night. For some reason even though I’m not showing at all and I haven’t gained a pound I cannot find a comfortable position to sleep in. Oh, and DH has been snoring like a Boeing 747. Did I mention that? I’m sure this question has been asked and answered a million times but how the hell does he not wake himself up? But if I shush him he wakes up. And offended I may add.

“Why are you shushing me? It’s rude.”


Anyhoo, into town. I walked into our local independent book retailer (yes we still have one of those, our town is awesome) and poked about. I picked up a book about lobsters called, “The Secret Life of Lobsters”. I thought it looked interesting. I just finished “Tomatoland” and before that “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”, so I figured I’d like it.

Then I decided to amble over to the pregnancy books. I had looked a few weeks ago at a Border’s-all the merchandise was discounted since they are going out of business. I ended up with a baby naming book. Naming this kid is giving me palpitations.

But the rest of the lit-kinda lame. I thought I’d give it another try. I picked up a book called something like Your Pregnancy Week by Week or whatever. I flipped to week 12 and read along. Your baby is the size of a plum! Aww…cute (I guess). You may need maternity clothes. Uh, not really, but whatever. What to eat, other symptoms, blah, blah, blah. Then the last paragraph of week 12 had some handy advice about exercise:

(I’m paraphrasing here)

Some women belong to Curves, the women’s fitness club. They wonder if they can continue their workout routine while pregnant. Why yes-you certainly can! Just don’t overdo it/breathe naturally/sit down during the whole routine/do it for ten minutes etc, etc…

Um, excuse me, but who belongs to Curves that’s under 50? And are these women pregnant? What a miracle! The genetic counselor looked at me like I was a fossil, so I’d like to round up some of these Curves-going pregnant women and trot them into her office. Hah! You think I’m old? I’m of “Advanced Maternal Age”? Check out these broads! Later they’re going to jazzercise!

And another thing. Enough of this “Swimming and water aerobics are great for pregnant women”. Yes, getting to a swimming pool is way convenient for so many people. And I’ve got water aerobics right after canasta at the Boca Raton senior center. I’m going with Gertie and Ruth.

I did see a book worthy of any mother with a sense of humor. “Let’s Panic About Babies!” is freaking hilarious. It also reassured me that I didn’t have to lose 50 I.Q. points and morph into a humorless, sofa shaped human being with a conveyor belt of Haagen Daaz leading to my mouth that should be in a perpetual smile of pregnant bliss.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.

Yes! Off the hook for making dinner tonight. Monday night Giants game and DH is bringing home a pizza. Awesome.

We just hammered out the details of telling my inlaws. Friday at a nice lunch. God this is when I miss binge drinking. My MIL’s idea of a nice lunch is going to TGI Friday’s and ordering an appetizer and an entree. Yikes. She’s going to feel like an a-hole when we tell her and she’s been bitching in her head about the restaurant we picked the whole time. I love how this joyous announcement is tinged with spite and shaming. Is this why parents feel superior? I like it.

Next after that will be my parents. But they may already suspect something’s up since I wasn’t mainlining champagne at out last family dinner.



So I was up last night trying to figure out if the 12 week mark is the start of the second trimester. Even though I have taken calculus, it was a little mind numbing trying to divide 40 weeks by three. but that could also be because I have not gotten 4 consecutive hours of sleep in quite some time due to the fact that I wake up to pee 14 times a night.

Anyhow, I’m saying end of first trimester. Which is great. Now we just have the little issue of telling everyone.

These last few weeks of peace will be a fond memory.

My brother in law is coming up from Jacksonville, FL next week, so we’ve decided that we’ll break the news to him and my husband’s parents then. Only issue is that he’s bringing his new girlfriend with him who I’ve never met, and will probably be a memory before year’s end (they usually don’t last long, but he swears each time he’s “in love”). I’m not sure if I’m overjoyed about sharing this personal news with her there. I’ve never met her, and she could be perfectly nice, but…it would be nice to tell my in laws about their first grandchild, um,  without strangers there.

I backed up a bit and thought maybe I’m making too much of this, but honestly I’ve been a pretty well behaved pregnant woman lately. Don’t I have the right to claim “hormone irrationality” or something? Or is this even irrational? I’m thinking this is a pretty normal reaction.

Of course we could wait for another time. Just that it would be nice for hubby to tell his brother face to face. And honestly it may be hard to explain why I’m not enjoying vodka tonics and some chocolate cake shots (I know it seems weird but trust me it’s psychotically good). So there we are. (More on drinking and pregnancy in another post.)

Then the next weekend it’ll be onto my parents. Or sooner, since I want to tell my sister. It’ll be great to share the news, and also get some hand me downs from my nephews. Her youngest is three and she’s closed up shop, so there’s some great stuff to be had!

Not sure how we’re going to tell everyone. Hubby and I aren’t exactly a “flavored coffee moment” kind of couple. We were thinking of getting one of those cans of peanut brittle with the snakes that pop out and put a sonogram picture on the end of the snakes. “Surprise!” No, but it was a fun thought.

We’ll think of something.



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