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I’ve been wondering this for a while. What makes a person back into a parking spot? I mean, instead of just simply pulling into the spot they find it necessary to make some stupendously ridiculous fifteen point turn so they can be facing out of a parking spot, where seemingly there is no advantage to this positioning.

Is this a genetic trait? Can I be tested for this? And if so is there any therapy for my unborn baby if s/he is a carrier? I would hope so. It needs to stop.




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  • babyforbutton: Congrats on Naomi! My baby was born March 15th! Amazing how fast the year has gone by!
  • babyforbutton: update please!! :)
  • reilly873: I've somehow managed to ease the pain the past few nights, but only with some serious, ridiculous pillow arranging. Which is a royal pain in the ass w