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It’s been a while since I last posted. Since then I have had my second blood test for the nuchal screen. The genetic counselor still pushed really hard for the amnio since I am (gasp) 38, but we just smiled and nodded through her questionnaire. I decided that if all comes back well with the screen then I’ll forgo the amnio, regardless of my Advanced Maternal Age. Ugh.

She had a laundry list of questions about both of our backgrounds. Silly me, I thought that our baby would be up there in the genetic diversity category: my father is Irish and a quarter German, my mom’s Hungarian. D’s father is from Calcutta, India and his mother is half Persian Jewish and Austrian Jewish. But this didn’t deter her from suggesting testing for Tay Sach’s, CF and I’m sure other things were mentioned before I fully zoned out. I started to loop through the real possibility of me being a Tay Sach’s carrier and also D since he’s half Sephardic but I gave up since trying to explain that to this woman would have been an adventure I wasn’t willing to get into. We’re going to a county hospital for our testing and for the birth (they have a birthing center for private patients) so the majority of the patients are lower income and minorities (it also services the prison next door). Though not of the Jewish minority. She probably went home and wrote a book report about us. Dear diary…

The blood draw was horrifying, almost more so for D than for me since he was watching and I was wincing with my head turned away. Three attempts and two huge black and blues later for one lousy vial of blood. Please I hope they listen next time when I say to use a pediatric needle. Thanks.

I’m starting to show a little, a pouch sticks out as the day wears on. I’m still fitting into my regular clothes, but it became time to suck it up and shop for maternity. I was lucky to have my sister donate her entire maternity wardrobe to me since she’s closed up shop, but I still need some other things. All of her stuff is brown. Not a single pair of black pants to be found. And the one pair of jeans? Um, not too good.

I found a great wrap cardigan and an awesome pair of jeans at H&M. Being new to all of this I didn’t realize that the mommy clothes would be buried in the childrens department. It sucks that we can’t order online from H&M here in the states since they have more stuff on the site. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a pair of black jeans since the only ones they had were “skinny”. Which I don’t mind, except for the snug ankles. Why oh why would this be flattering during pregnancy? This will not make my ass look smaller.

And horizontal stripes on maternity tops is just stupid. Stop it. Now. I am not a boat captain. I do not desire to look wider. Please.

All you other mommies out there probably know about Old Navy (got my package today in the mail, great basics), Target (some good, some okay), Kohl’s, and surprise of all, Forever 21. It seems like they just have real basics online right now, but it’s super cheap if you want to use belly bands or need some tank tops. Some people are freaked out thinking this is geared toward teen moms, but the news flash is that this won’t make kids get pregnant faster. Maternity clothes don’t encourage unprotected sex. You know what makes kids want to have sex? The having sex part. It’s not that complicated.

Also found a great site through called Kiki’s Fashions. Very cute, inexpensive things but also guilty of the horizontal stripes.

Went out for dinner with D last Friday to celebrate Baby Basmati reaching 16 weeks and the size of an avocado. It was Huntington restaurant week and the place we went was packed. Had an awesome appetizer of burrata stuffed with ricotta, short rib for my main, and bread pudding with caramel sauce which kicked ass. And a nice glass of Malbec so deal with it sanctimommies. I watched with longing as D had two “special agent” martinis (basically a vesper, like from Casino Royale). One day you too shall be mine, martini. One day.

I didn’t ask if the cheese was pasteurized, but incidentally I searched through our local cheese market at the wide selection of brie in the case. ALL PASTEURIZED. Finding unpasteurized cheese is harder than getting hit by a rhino on Main Street. I got some brie and ate half the wedge as I made dinner Saturday. I may do it again this weekend. I haven’t gained any weight so far thanks to my first trimester food aversion, so I feel good on that front. So bring on the cheese.

And all those blogs and websites touting the second trimester energy surge are pure BS. I am so freaking tired. I’m sure BB is going through a growth spurt (I know my bump is getting there) which has to be sucking the life from me. I’m not anemic. So it’s just crap. I think they tell you how “glorious” the second trimester is to get you through your (possible) barfing in your first and the inevitable foot in your bladder/throat/lung that will bless you in your third.

Gotta drag my ass to the gym to keep moving. Ordered more clothes from Kohl’s today and we’ll see how they are when they arrive.



So you want a baby, huh? Just like generations of women before you, now you are pregnant. A natural, biological process that has been going on since humans in their modern form first walked this Earth some 500, 000 years ago.

Sounds like your body was meant to do this, right? And since there are almost 7 billion people on this planet now inhabiting all manner of locations and conditions,  your instincts and some common sense should be all one needs in a modern, controlled environment of Western Civilization, right?


Things that you used to eat, tasks you performed without a second thought could cause you imminent danger. You are given a list of foods not to eat, substances to stay away from, and pretty much no reasons why or any real facts about what the cause and effect are.

Why? Because you should just do what you’re told. If you get a chance to think for yourself, you will always make the wrong decision. And since you’ve got another person inside you that can’t choose for themselves, you will not be given the chance to weigh your risks by being given any accurate, factual information.

We are told to stay away from deli meats and soft cheeses. This is because these foods may harbor listeria, a bacteria that can cause serious complications in a pregnancy. Pregnant women are more likely than the population at large to come down with listeriosis, so it is even more important that they avoid this bacteria.

Here’s the problem: listeria can be found in a lot of foods. Especially prepackaged foods. It was just found in melons this August (melon outbreak). Raw vegetables, bagged salads, raw meats, raw, unaged cheese, (listeria outbreaks) these can all be carriers. Even frozen waffles were implicated (waffle outbreak).

Where’s the lunch meat? And all the cheese? Well, there was an outbreak from turkey deli meat in 2002. And there were listeria infections that resulted from eating homemade and/or unregulated Mexican style fresh cheese. This cheese is unaged and not monitored (not that I’m saying the government is the answer, believe me. What they find to be acceptable food standards can be horrifying).

But since I was going down this road of no Boar’s Head sandwiches, no feta cheese, no soft unpasteurized French cheeses, I decided to do a little investigation. Do you know how hard it is to find an unpasteurized, unaged cheese for sale at any type of market or on any menu? It is against the law in the US to sell or serve an unpasteurized cheese that hasn’t been aged for at least 60 days (the aging kills the listeria). And any food person will tell you that foreign or foreign style cheese sold in the US, even at upper end retailers (Whole Foods, Fairway) are pasteurized and if not, aged at least 60 days. So I’m thinking that my local Greek place isn’t serving some exotic feta, it’s pasteurized just like all the others I found in my deli case at the local market.

Deli meat outbreaks have been very few. A lot of these products (including the ones listed before) are prepackaged and highly handled in factories that are of questionable cleanliness (even if monitored by the FDA-hah). Here’s the thing: more handling and processing=more surface area exposure. Which means a bacteria frenzy waiting to happen. That’s what happens with ground meat. And precut vegetables, bagged salads, other processed foods. You’re relying on the cleanliness of everything that food touches along it’s processing path. A package of pre cut lunch meats sitting in a cold food case is bacteria heaven. Wash whatever you can, and heat things you’re unsure of. Of course with the waffle situation, I’m not sure who’s eating waffles without toasting them. The heat kills the bacteria, so unless you’re eating a frozen Eggo, you’re okay I would think.

I’m not denying the reality of these infections. And I know there have been women that have lost their children due to this horrible infection. But let’s get real, here? What are the risks? How do these infections really happen? Instead of making us crazy, give pregnant women (and everyone else for that matter) some real facts.

I’m thinking the powers that be avoid giving out facts partly because they don’t trust women to make the right choices. But partly because they do know some of us will make the right choices given the proper information. And we as women and mothers may be outraged at how our government is really overseeing our food cleanliness. We may start asking questions. We may stop buying crap. We may force a change for the better that won’t allow for sloppiness, kickbacks and a food system that reduces the overall health of our citizens.

As for me, I ate a Greek salad this week. I had a sandwich today (from freshly sliced meat). And I may even have some cheese this weekend.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



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