Posted on: January 24, 2013

It stands to reason that as you get older time goes by more quickly. Each year is a smaller percentage of your life as you start tacking them onto your age. Some time ago Dan turned to me and said we must be ready for a baby.Said baby was conceived, grown and given life. She has been with us for nearly a year.

Time is such a strange thing, an odd phenomenon. Most mothers agree to this. Days seem endless but weeks fly by. Hours of sleeplessness, holding, rocking, nursing, while we are inside of them have no end but months fall from the calendar in spite of this. New parents look at the date of their child’s birth and the year looks strange. A promise of the future, of all things futuristic. Project further into the future; your child’s tenth birthday, their high school graduation. The class of 2030. Is that even possible? I’m sure our parents felt the same way about these impossible dates if they took the time to contemplate them

But we soldier on, filling out school enrollment forms, soccer sign up sheets, and somehow some way these years move on. Over us, through us, with us.

My baby was born on march 10th, 2012, three weeks early. She was ready, it was time. From the moment of her birth she has taught me about time and how from that moment on she would control how I defined the passage of it. As she grew she let me know her nap time or bed time would not occur without my full attendance bodily, mentally, emotionally. I have continually had to redefine, re establish, re organize how I use my time. Holding a sleeping child limits what activities that one can undertake. Having a child in one’s bed forces one to redefine the quantity and quality of show much sleep a person can function on.

Of course this is one small part of what being a parent is all about, and the lessons we will teach each other will constantly move between us evolving with our ever changing capabilities. Naomi will surely teach me as many things as I teach her, if not more.


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Congrats on Naomi! My baby was born March 15th! Amazing how fast the year has gone by!

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  • babyforbutton: Congrats on Naomi! My baby was born March 15th! Amazing how fast the year has gone by!
  • babyforbutton: update please!! :)
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